Set of 2 Embroidered Raptor Logo Black Neoprene Automotive Seat Belt Cover Shoulder Pads and Raptor Logo Key Chain Tag Accessory

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  • Set of 2 OZ-USA® Embroidered Raptor logo seat belt cover shoulder strap pads and 2 pieces Raptor logo key chain.
  • Durable Neoprene Fabric. Embroidered Gray Outline Black Raptor. Washable
  • Provide lots of comfort while driving on and off road. Protects neck and shoulder from seat belt friction 
  • High quality key chain fabric. Black with red font and charcoal gray with black font.
  • Double sided key chain. Tear and water resistance fabric. 100% Embroidered with double stitched border to keep the woven from falling apart.


USA Shipping (California), USA Warranty: 1 year.


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