USB Port OZ-USA® for Rocker Switch Panel universal double Dual Power Socket blue led backlit

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Dual USB Charger to fit your standard rocker switch housing.

Switch size:1"x2"; mounting hole 1.41"(36mm) x .86"(22mm) 

Over-heat, over-current, over-charge protection, charging will stop  automatically when battery is full, easy to use and install.

Compatible with popular mobile devices USB 2.0, any device including digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones and USB accessories.

Input: DC 12v-24v

Output:DC 5v 3.1A

LED back-lite LED (blue)
Standard size mounting hole 1.41"(36mm) x .86"(22mm). This is the standard switch size for modern vehicles. 
Black hard surface . Surface size is 2" (50mm) x 1"(25mm). 

All symbols are laser engraved, will not wear off.

Manufactured in China to OZ-USA®'s high end specifications. USA Shipping (California), USA Warranty: 1 year. 

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