Laser lights are the next leap forward in automotive lighting technology that are capable of lighting up miles ahead of the vehicle. The lights are bright, safe, and efficient. Laser headlights and lightbars are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and can fit almost any vehicle. They are great for people who travel often rough terrain or spend a lot of time off-roading. They project spot beam miles away which makes them great for high speed racing applications.

What are laser lights? 

Laser lights are a new type of automotive lighting that have only been in mass production since 2018. They are extremely powerful, up to 1000 times more powerful than traditional headlights and LEDs. They not only look brighter they can function better and allow drivers to see further ahead of them and have better vision while driving off-road.Laser lights are much small than traditional lights and they use less power, which makes them an efficient option.

How do they work?

Blue laser and white laser light technology is interesting and easy to understand. Blue lasers reflect from phosphorus to create a white spot beam that can be projected for many miles. The blue lights shine into mirrors that reflect onto yellow phosphorus. The phosphorus gets excited by the blue lights and starts to glow with intense white light. The white light shines on the mirror and where it is directed straight forwards on to the road. The white light is strong, but Since the direct light is reflected it won’t cause damage.

What are the advantages of using laser lights?

There are many advantages of using laser lights and laser light bars. They use less power than traditional headlights and even LED lights. This means your car uses less power to light the road in front of you. They are also much more powerful so even though they use less power, they still shine brightly and make it easy for you to see in all types of weather conditions.

Laser lights also reach a greater distance than LED and other traditional headlights. While other lights may only shine a few feet in front of the vehicle, laser lights can shine for miles. Laser lights are also smaller than traditional lights so they can be made with less packaging, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

What were the first laser headlights used on?

The first cars to have laser headlights were exotic sports cars. BMW and Audi were two of the first companies to add them to their mass-produced vehicles. The lights were so efficient and popular that everyone started to find them appealing. While other vehicle manufacturers may not include them in their lineups, with our laser headlights and laser light bars, you can add them to almost any vehicle.

What vehicles can use laser lights?

One of the best things about laser headlights is that they can be installed on any type of vehicle. Our light bars are easy to apply to trucks, cars, off-roading, off-road racing, construction, industrial vehicles, and boats. Our lights will work on all 12v and 24v vehicles. The light bars can be attached in various places of different types of vehicles and some can even use more than one bar. The headlights are also easy to install. When combines, the headlights and light bars can provide amazing lighting for all types of driving. 

How do LED lights compare to laser lights?

Many people are impressed by the brightness and efficiency of LED lights. While they are much brighter than traditional headlights, they aren’t nearly as bright as laser lights. While LED lights release 100 lumens per watt, whereas laser lights emit 170 lumens of light per watt. Laser lights are also a more practical option because they reach a longer range, are smaller, more durable, and require less energy to work. They are currently the brightest and most efficient option on the market and are quickly replacing LED lights for these reasons.

Why choose laser and LED lightbars?

There are many reasons you should choose laser light bars to improve the way your vehicle lights the road in front of you. You can use laser lightbars with your headlights or in place of them off-road. They are easy to install and can provide better lighting and lighting in areas where your headlights and other lightbars may not reach. Here are a few other reasons to consider laser lightbars.


Laser lights are versatile and can be added to any vehicle for any reason. You can mount the laser lightbars on different parts of your vehicle. If you prefer to install them to face the front you can, but they can also be installed to shine light in the back or sides which makes them handy for various projects.

Install Them Yourself

You don’t have to make an appointment with your local dealer or shop to have these laser lights installed. You can easily install them yourself. We sell everything you need to mount them securely to your vehicle, so you never have to worry about them falling off. Installing the lights yourself can also help save you money. 

Work on Any Vehicle

They work great on cars and trucks for everyday driving, but can also be used on ATVs, RVs, boats, and other vehicles and marine applications. You can install them on a vehicle to use with auxiliary lights or in place of them. You can also easily remove them. No matter what type of vehicle you have, there’s a lightbar or laser headlights that can fit it.


Laser lights last longer than traditional lights. Since they use less energy and don’t have to work as hard to provide adequate lighting, they have less wear and tear over the years. They can help save you money on replacement light bulbs and other lighting for your vehicle.


Laser lights are convenient because you can use them in a lot of different ways. You can use them to help light the terrain while driving off-road at night, shine them on tools or certain parts of your car or job site while working on a project, or just use them for extra light while camping, fishing, and more. You will find many new ways to use them.

How Laser and LED Lightbars Are Changing the Market

Technology is always changing and so is the market for automotive accessories. Everyone wants to own the newest and coolest accessories and help their vehicle perform as well as possible. Laser and LED lightbars are one of the newest and most popular technological changes to hit the automotive accessories market in a while. People are so impressed by the features and benefits of these lights that they are giving up traditional headlights and lightbars.

As the demand for these types of products grows, they will become more common. Now is the time to get your hands on some laser headlights or laser and LED lightbars, while they are still new and unique. Eventually, all vehicles will have laser headlights. Why wait for that technology to become available on your vehicle? Purchase our laser lights now and you could be enjoying their features before anyone else.

If you are looking for a way to improve your driving at night, need more light around your home or to work on your car, or have an off-road vehicle, camper, or boat that requires lighting, consider laser headlight and lightbars. You won’t find a more efficient or brighter option. We carry a variety of different lights in many shapes and sizes. We also have all the accessories you need to install and use them properly. Check out our selection today.