M-Series Ultra Slim LED Light Bars

OZ Ultra slim LED light bars are the brightest light bar of their size in the market. Ultra-thin compact size led light bars can be installed in many locations on your vehicle. Low profile, slim design will fit in openings as small as 1.25". The highest lumen rating per watt makes this light bar the brightest in the market of its size. Available with amber LEDs, white LEDs, or color-changing both. IP68 marine-grade waterproof sealed. Ultra-slim single row light bar sizes available in 10", 20", and 30".



Highest generated lumens per watt: With 140 Lumens per watt, our 10-inch ultra slim led light bar will generate a whopping 3500lumens with only 2amps on 12v applications (M-Series, 10-inch ultra-slim led lightbar rated at 25 watts). Most regular halogen car headlight bulbs put out 700 lumens on low beam and 1200 lumens on high beam for comparison, making our 10" ultra-slim led light bar almost three times brighter than a regular car headlight on high beams!

Don't make small light bar size fool you. This super slim led light bar is as tough as its big brothers. IP68 sealed, Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, and Frostproof! This light bar is designed for heavy outdoor use, and it will withstand extreme weather conditions. A waterproof breather will regulate the air pressure inside the lightbar, keeping circuit boards at optimum performance for the electronics' increased lifespan. LED Chips are rated for 50,000 hours of operation.


Compact size for various applications: Offroad, ATV, UTV, Trucks, Motorcycles, Travel Trailers, Motorhomes, Boats, Electric Mountain Bike headlights. It can be mounted almost anywhere, behind the grille, fender, wheel well, front and rear bumper with included mini light bar brackets.
It can be wired as offroad lights, reverse lights, step board lights, rock lights.



Great for offroad applications to light up the trail at night as your main offroad lights. Amber versions are great for cutting through dust and fog. They can be used as rock crawling light bars or even reverse light bars for your truck.

m35a2-led-light-bars.jpg  led-light-bar-military-truck.jpg


Great for lighting up your camp spot, safely backing up your motorhome or travel trailer at night, or just security led lights for your RV.



IP68 waterproof seal makes it perfect for marine applications. Use it for docking lights or deck lights, even interior lights for your engine compartment where bright led lights are needed.


Motorcycle & ATV:
Small size, low power consumption makes it perfect for small battery applications like motorcycles, ATV's and UTV's. It can be mounted on handlebars or fairings. 10 inch LED lightbar only uses 25 watts producing three to four times more light than a standard motorcycle headlight.

E-Mountian bike:
You can ride more, adding our ultra-slim light bar to your electric mountain bike as a headlight. New lithium battery technology on electric bikes will allow you to use high output LED headlight for hours without affecting the range performance. You can wire our 10" ultra-slim light bar directly to your headlight output if you have motors with 12v 2a output such as Shimano E5000, E7000, E6100, E6110, and EP8. Or wire it to your battery directly. With 3500 lumens, this is the brightest LED headlight for e-bikes! 


It is an excellent led light bar for industrial applications or construction vehicles. Compact size will allow you to add multiple lights in various locations to light up the construction site or the warehouse.

Are you working at night? High output LEDs will light up the field! Install multiple ultra slim LED light bars around your cab for a 360-degree view.