What Are Marine Lights?
Marine lights are not much different than automotive lights except they are better sealed and manufactured for harsher weather conditions. They are available for the interior and exterior of all types of boats and can also be attached to boat trailers. There are many different types of boating lights and they can not only help improve the safety of a boat, but they also help people make the most out of their time on their boats.

How Do Marine Lights Work?
Marine lights work much like any other type of lighting. They are installed on and in boats and boating accessories and can either be turned on with a switch or come on when the the motor is running. Since marine lights have a lot of contact with water, they have to be waterproof. The bulb compartments are completely sealed so water can’t leak into them. The wires and cords are also protected from direct contact with water.

What Are The Benefits Of Marine Lights?
Marine lights have many benefits and many people choose to apply them to their boats. We carry a large selection of marine lights and all of them have their own benefits and advantages. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our marine lights for your boats.

Allow The Boat To Stand Out
Lights are a great way to make a boat stand out. They make it easier to see a boat at night and set it apart from other boats on the water. Lights can help you find your boat in your dark or let other boaters recognize you. They can also be a good way to add some personality to a boat and get creative with the way it looks.

Make The Boat Safer
Navigation lights are meant to make boats safe. They make it easy to see at night and in most areas they are required. Navigation lights can help prevent boating accidents by making sure boats are visible to each other.
Are Legal
Many places require boats to have lights. In some areas, it is illegal to operate a boat at night without any lights. Some areas even have specific requirements for light. They may require a certain amount of lights, for the lights to be a certain size or even a certain color. We carry many different types of lights that can help ensure your boat is legal.

Lights Attract Bait Fish
If using the boat as a fishing vessel, docking lights can help improve your luck. Some fish, including bait fish, are attracted to lights. They will swim closer to the surface to be near the lights and even follow the boat to stay in the light. Where baitfish go, bigger fish follow. This can help you catch more fish at night and even help you catch bigger fish with less effort.

What Types Of Marine Lights Are Available?
We have a huge selection of lights available. We know that every boat is different, and every boater has different needs. We carry thousands of different lights and know we have something that will fit your boat and your needs. Some of the types of lights we offer include,

Deck lights
Porch lights
Docking lights
Interior lights
Navigation lights

What Marine Light Accessories Are Available?
We know that many people need accessories for their boats. We carry many accessories that help your boat and lights perform better, last longer, or be easier to install. Some of the accessories we carry include,

Wiring harness

Why By From Us?
If you are looking to add new lights to your boat or need some new lighting accessories, be sure to shop with us. OZ carries a huge selection of marine lighting. In addition to marine lights we also offer RV lights, vehicle lights, work lights, light bars, and other lighting accessories. We ship our product to you quickly and safely from our San Diego warehouse. We stand behind our products and strive to offer only the best quality to our customers. We want you to be completely satisfied. If you want a great selection and fair prices, choose us for all your marine lighting needs.