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The Benefits of Forklift Safety Lights


When you’re operating a forklift, one of your constant concerns has to be safety—for yourself, for any of those standing by, and for the integrity of the structures you’re working around. A great feature to help you make sure that everyone goes home safely (and you have to fill out less paperwork for work site damages!) is a forklift safety light—an investment that might just help you save someone’s life. 

What Are Forklift Safety Lights

Forklift lights are small, often LED, lights that you can attach to the body of your forklift. They glow, often blue or red, to let nearby pedestrians know when your vehicle is operating nearby. This is important because even though the responsibility for safety is on the shoulders of the one driving the forklift, there are still accidents and blind spots which can make 100% awareness difficult or impossible. 

Helping pedestrians avoid forklift accidents as well allows everyone be involved in warehouse safety—as they should be. The benefit of forklift safety lights is, simply, that they are a cost-effective and efficient way to save lives, ensuring both the safety of your worksite and the safety of pedestrians nearby.

Providing, as they do, intuitive cues to ensure that everyone knows what forklifts are doing at all times and can time their travel around it, forklift safety lights are a fantastic way to invest in your warehouse safety without having to buy lots of expensive equipment.

How Does a Forklift Warning Light Prevent Accidents?

forklift-2sign.jpgA past solution for implementing forklift safety was a loud sound that would ring out whenever the forklift was moving around or backing up. Some forklifts still come equipped with this feature. However, we’ve found that this isn’t enough. Very often, when workers are on a site, there is too much ambient noise for these tones (however loud) to register—and that’s on a good day.

On days when there are storms or crowds or wind, no one is going to be able to hear any of these tones. If people are wearing thick helmets or earplugs, they aren’t going to be warned in this fashion. And, lastly, if any of the workers on the job site are hearing impaired, they’re not going to be able to prevent forklift accidents by way of that auditory warning. 

Our forklift LED lights come in two colors: one, a blue light, and red light. These can be used for any number of differing purposes, but perhaps the most intuitive might be to use a blue light to show where the forklift is going, and use red lights to clearly demarcate where people should avoid being.

Ultimately, the onus of preventing accidents is on everyone—it’s certainly a shared responsibility. However, having clearly functional and visible forklift pedestrian warning lights can make it easier for everyone to work together to sa

Forklift safety lights can do much more than save nearby pedestrians from an untimely fate! By purchasing forklift safety lights and investing in education for your staff to ensure that everyone knows the cues the safety lights give, you can also create an environment in which forklifts will no longer collide. This alone can save untold amounts of money in lost labor and damaged equipment! If an operator of one forklift can see the lights of the other, that sends a message no-one would be able to clearly a few lives.

The benefits of forklift safety lights are exponential—especially compared to their cost and ease of usage, understanding, and installation. There is 

What’s Going On Now: Forklift Accident Statistics no reason not to consider purchasing a set for your better warehouse safety today. 

Unfortunately, it might be more than just a few lives. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, within the years between 2011 and 2017, over six hundred people died in accidents relating to the operation and use of forklifts. Many more — a number far closer to seven thousand — suffered injuries in similar accidents.

Not only are these numbers horrific in themselves, but the amount of time needed for recuperation and paid time off and paperwork to be completed meant that the cost in addition to human lives and limbs was truly incalculable. For many reasons, making forklift accidents a thing of the past needs to be everyone’s number one priority.

Choosing Our Lights


The forklift safety lights that we manufacture are simple, durable, and exactly what you need. 

Coming, as they do, in two vibrant colors, you can easily decide a simple coding system to give all the visual cues around your warehouse which you might need. They are versatile in many ways — for example, with our lights, you can mount them either on the front or the back of your forklift.

That feature may come in handy if, for example, you wish to use a red forklift light to designate the back of your vehicle — something which may intuitively register with a lot of onlookers. Our lights are very strong, providing intensely visible rays.

The variety of differing lights we offer is also impressive: when you look at forklift safety 

Because we only want to offer you the best, and we want you to trust us, just know that we’re in it for the long haul: every product we sell comes with industry leading 2 year! Make the easiest investment you’ll ever make—an investment in your warehouse’s safety. Reduce the amount of accidents! Don’t let your operation become an unfortunate statistic. Reach out today and make your warehouse a safe place to be with the purchase and installation of a great set of forklift safety lights.lights in our line, you can choose from arrow, line, and spot beams to make visual communication in your warehouse a breeze. Our products are also made to stand the test of time: the materials we work with are from trusted, reputable brands including Cree, Osram LED chips that are rated for at least 50,000 hours of operation. All lights are minimum of IP67 waterproof sealed and designed for extreme environments. We only offer you the best.