Dual USB Port Amber LED Voltmeter Fast Charger Socket Power Outlet 1.0A 2.1A Car ATV Truck Boat Motorcycle 12 volt

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  • OZ-USA® 1 Set Amber LED Dual USB Port Voltmeter Car Accessory Charger Adapter.
  • Multi-Function. Built-in Digital Voltage Display. Amber LED indicator light.
  • 5 volts 1.0A & 2.1A Dual power source and charging ports. Compatible with most electronic devices.
  • Easy installation. Comes with 2 ft. of wire with rubber insulated terminal plug and 10 amps in-line fuse for extra protection from power surge and over-load.
  • Waterproof. High end socket with a tight fitting cap to protect USB port.

Package include:

1 x Dual USB Charger Adapter

1 x 2 ft. Red/Black wire with 10A fuse



  • Input: 12v DC
  • Output: 5 volts 1.0A & 2.1A 

Manufactured in China to OZ-USA®'s high end specifications. USA Shipping (California), USA Warranty: 1 year.



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