GPS Speedometer OZ-USA® 60mm gauge resettable odometer battery meter digital dash 12v 24v mph kmh car truck boat marine motorcycle cart atv glider

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You will get the most accurate speed readings with a GPS Speedometer. It will not get affected by your gear ratio or tire size. Easy to install. Just connect it to the power. No need for wheel sensors, no need for antennas. This unit works on all 12v and 24v vehicles and marine applications. It will display accurate GPS speed, time, and voltage.

  • Back-lit Digital Mini 60mm / 2.4" GPS Speedometer. Great for Auto, truck, ATV / UTV, Motorcycle or marine applications
  • Re-settable trip meter. Accurate GPS satellite positioning to measure and display current speed up to 999 MPH.
  • Will display top speed, odometer, voltage (vehicle battery) and time. Settings for MPH, Nautical MPH or KMH 
  • Strong internal antenna. GPS will automatically position to UTC or user can set the timezone manually.
  • Settable High-speed/low-speed alarms. When vehicle speed exceeds the set value, red LED flasher will alert.
  • Easy to install. No external antenna or sensors needed. Just connect it to DC 12-24 Volt. Fits into standard 60mm / 2.4" dash hole.





Max speed

Adjustable High / Low speed alerts

Speedometer refresh rate: 0.2 seconds

Easy to install, simply connect to power. No external antenna needed 

Multi volt, will work on both 12v and 24v applications. Low-power consumption: standard current 6 μA. 

Has reliable EEPROM memory for automatic data storage.

Dustproof / waterproof level: IP65. 

1 year warranty. Fast shipping from our San Diego warehouse.

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