Pool Spa Water Air Solar Temperature Sensor with 20-Feet Cable Replacement Kit Automation Control Systems Pump

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  • Pool Spa Air/water/Solar temperature sensor replacement kit.
  • Fits Hayward salt chlorine generators, Pentair minimax plus pool and spa heater pump and Hayward pro logic automation models pl-ps-8 , pl-ps-8-v
  • Fits The Following Brands: Easy Touch, Sun Touch, Pentair InterlliTouch, Compool Pool and Spa Automatic Control System. Also fits Pentair Minimax Plus Pool and Spa Heater Group.
  • Includes 10k-ohm thermistor, 20-feet cable and stainless steel adjustable hose clamp.

Wide variety of application:

1. Water Sensor:

  • Insert the sensor into a small opening in the pipe between the pool's filter pump and filter using a hose clamp.

2. Air temperature Sensor:

  • Mount the sensor in open air outside the power center in the shade and away from air conditioner unit, motors, and other heat emitting sources.

3. Solar Temperature Sensor:

  • Fasten the sensor next to the solar panels for non-glazed panels or suspend between the collector and glazing for glazed panels.

Wholesale available, contact us for details. 

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