Clip On Boat Light OZ-USA® Navigation LED Marine Sail Zodiac JS Spare Kayak Yacht Zodiak

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  • 1 Set Clip on super bright LED navigation light set (red, green, white) for all types of marine vessel.
  • Water resistant, compact, and light weight design is great for small boats, jetskis, zodiacs, dingy.
  • Each light comes with the clip on the back, plus an attachment for your bike mini poles, flag pole and jetski handlebars.
  • Each uses 2x AA batteries (not included) and lasts up to 100's of hours. Each has 5 super bright LEDs.
  • 7 Functions for emergency signaling: All LEDs on, flashing slow, flashing fast, left to right, right to left, fast left to right, left to right then right to left.


Great for, off-road vehicles, racing applications, construction vehicles, farm vehicles, marine applications.

USA Shipping (California), USA Warranty: 1 year. Extremely bright, will turn night into day, not DOT approved, off-road use only

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